BTS have dropped their latest collaboration with the popular fast-food chain McDonald’s. Now Army fans are wondering how they can get their hands on the BTS McDonald’s Meal and what the release date is.

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan) have done many collabs in the past, whether it be with Puma, Fila, Hyundai or Starbucks. Their latest one though? A BTS McDonalds meal.

Now fans are aching to get their hands on the meal put together by BTS and the popular franchise. We expect the food to go down as smooth as ‘Butter’.

So, what is the BTS McDonald’s meal release date?

BTS McDonald’s meal: Release date revealed

  • The BTS McDonald’s meal release date is 21st June 2021 in selected countries.

McDonald’s announced the collaboration in April on Facebook, along with release dates for the countries the meal would be released in. The earliest the meal was set to release was 26th May 2021 in selected countries.

However, due to the pandemic, the meal has reportedly been delayed in release for some countries, pushing the official launch to mid-June. McDonald’s announced this yesterday by saying “Yes, there will be a slight detour. In view of Phase 2 (‘Heightened Alert’), we will be shifting the launch of The BTS Meal to 21 June 2021. Please stay safe and we hope to see you then (with all safe management measures in place of course)”.

What the meal includes and how to order it

The meal is said to include “the seven members’ favourite orders, including a 10 piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, and a medium drink”. McDonald’s even show inspired cajun and sweet chilli dips as part of the meal.

The franchise will also be selling photocards and exclusive merchandise. However, these are to be purchased separately and not as part of the meal.

Here are the selected countries that will receive the meal.

Army fans react to the meal on Twitter!

Fans are super excited for the meal’s release, while some have already managed to get in a sneak peek, which includes a BTS printed McDonald’s paper bag!

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