The Steam charts have recently been topped by Days Gone with rumours suggesting that even more PlayStation exclusives will land on the PC platform. While this would be fantastic news for the PC community, some people are more interested in knowing and thus asking: when is the Steam Summer Sale 2021? Here you’ll find the start and end dates found on SteamDB for the Summer Sale.

Away from Valve, the Epic Games Store Mega discounts have begun with the likes of Cyberpunk 2077 on offer. Not only that, but the EGS has also been giving away Mystery Games for free such as NBA 2K21, and there is another set to be revealed on May 27th.

While the above is great news for those who also use the EGS, below you’ll find the start and end date for the Steam Summer Sale 2021.

When is the next Steam Sale?

The next Steam Sale is May 27th.

Set to start on the above date, the next Steam Sale will then shortly end on May 31st.

Said to be a celebration of the open-world format, the event will provide discounts for titles that show the many different styles found within the sandbox genre.

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It will only last for three days, but there will then be a NextFest on June 16th in the place of the Steam Game Festival.

This will last until June 22nd, and it will allow Valve users to experience games of the future via hundreds of demos and developer livestreams.

When is the Steam Summer Sale 2021?

The start date for the Steam Summer Sale 2021 is reportedly June 24th.

While the Steam Summer Sale 2021 will allegedly start on the above date, it will then swiftly end on July 8th.

Both of the above dates come via SteamDB. However, per the source itself, know that this is unconfirmed as of yet as Valve haven’t made any public announcements.

We will update this article when necessary.

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