Tessa Thompson has been spotted cosying up with Rita Ora and Taika Waititi. The viral pictures have left the internet wondering whether Tessa has a partner or if she plays a part in Rita and Taika’s love life!

Filmmaker Taika Waititi is filming the new Thor: Love and Thunder in Sydney but has taken some time off to throw a party at his home which Tessa and Rita attended.

Following snaps from Daily Mail’s latest report, Taika, Rita and Thor actress Tessa Thompson were snapped snuggling up to each other at the after-party!

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Does Tessa Thompson have a partner?

  • No, Tessa Thompson does not appear to have a partner at this moment in time. Though Tessa hasn’t publicly confirmed any relationships, rumours are constantly circulating.

The successful actress has had roles in Marvel films and the reboot of the Men in Black franchise. Following the photos with Taika and Rita, her personal life has gained a lot of attention, especially because the star keeps things very private. As she rarely shares who she is dating, it seems fans are desperate to know even more!

Tessa has previously been linked with Janelle Monae and in 2015, she even appeared in one of Janelle’s music videos. After that, they were often spotted hanging out together and attended many events with each other.

Tessa has also been spotted with Brie Larson, After Captain Marvel came out, the LGBTQ+ community insisted that Captain Marvel and Valkyrie should date. Tessa has also been seen cosying up to Dev Hynes aka “Blood Orange.” During the summer of 2019, the two were spotted together in Paris on several times.

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi picture has fans wondering!

Rita and Taika went public in April 2021 after the pair turned up at the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under at the Sydney Opera House. The couple has also posted an up and close Instagram together but now they have been spotted chilling out with Tessa Thompson and this has stirred the Instagram. This has led many internet users to question whether Taika is in a polyamorous relationship with Tessa and Rita.

The trio was snapped together and seen partying on Sunday morning with some friends at Taika’s house. Everyone looked like they were sporting the same outfits from the night before and in one of the photos, Taika and Rita can be seen kissing. In another picture, she sits nose-to-nose with Tessa Thompson who rests her legs on Rita Ora’s lap. 

These cosy snaps have got people wondering what’s going on with the trio, and until something is confirmed we’ll have to keep speculating!

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