Twitter interactions between Ryan Reynolds and Stray kids has sent K-Pop fans into a frenzy and Marvel fans confused on who Stray Kids are. Here’s all you need to know about their budding romance.

An unlikely bromance but undoubtedly thrilled to see is the budding love affair between Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids member Bang Chan.

The pair have been bonding over Twitter during the weekend and their relationship has even progressed into gift-exchanges!

Not sure about what’s going on or who Stray Kids are? We’ve got you covered.

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Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids Twitter bromance explained

It started off with Stray Kids, just doing their thing, performing on stage for South Korean competition show ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’. The group performed a mash-up of their song ‘God’s Menu’ and BLACKPINK’s ‘Ddu du Ddu du’.

The performance was introduced by rapper Felix, who recreated Deadpool’s opening scene, where the hero is sitting above a highway listening to music.

It caught Ryan’s attention when a fan combined the movie scene and performance to create one seamless conversation.

The actor replied with a simple double sword emoji and tagged the group – that was the start of something new.

Member Bang Chan admitted that he was surprised to find out Ryan had seen their performance, especially since he is such a fan.

In a livestream over the weekend, he said, “I did not expect the almighty Ryan Reynolds to see our performance.”

When Ryan found out how much of a fan he was, he tweeted out that a bottle of his gin Aviation, was on the way to the idol.

Nothing is free though, so Ryan asked for an autograph in return, while declaring Bang Chan as his new favourite Australian.

Sorry Hugh Jackman.

The K-Pop replied in a similar fashion, sending the actor a signed copy of their latest album ‘In Liife’.

Everyone knows that the actor likes to troll, so in true Ryan Reynolds fashion, the Twitter account for Maximum Effort, his ad agency, has a new bio.

They have declared themselves as a Stray Kids stan account. Welcome to the fandom.

Who are Stray Kids?

Stray Kids are a 8-member K-Pop group, consisting of Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N.

They debuted in 2017 after being formed by JYP Entertainment on a reality show. Stray Kids initially had nine members, but Woojin left in October 2019 due to personal circumstances.

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Some of the groups most popular songs include ‘Back Door’, ‘My Pace’, ‘Miroh’ and God’s Menu.

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