May has been good for video games as we’ve been treated to Resident Evil Village and Subnautica Below Zero so far, and extra good news for PS5 owners is that the Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart release date comes next month. However, in addition to the next big Sony exclusive, fans are making predictions about the PS Plus June 2021 free games. Here you’ll find some PS Plus June 2021 free games predictions as well as the likely announcement date.

Know that you still have the May selection of Battlefield V, Stranded Deep, and Wreckfest to download. The former two are available on PS4 with the latter exclusive to PS5, and they’re all good games with Stranded Deep a favourite for many in the survival genre.

While you still have the aforementioned titles to grab for the cost of nothing, below you’ll find some predictions for what the PS Plus May 2021 free games could be.

When will the PS Plus June 2021 free games be announced?

It’s likely that the PS Plus June 2021 free games will be announced on May 26th.

Sony’s free games for the next month are usually announced on the final Wednesday of the current month, so the 26th is likely when the PS Plus June 2021 freebies will be revealed.

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However, know that this is by no means official as Sony has occasionally revealed titles on a Monday or Tuesday.

With that said, the announcement is always made in the final week of the current month, so expect the reveal to be no later than the 28th.

Know that you only have until June 1st to download Battlefield V, Stranded Deep, and Wreckfest.

PS Plus June 2021 predictions

Some predictions for PS Plus in June 2021 include Operation Tango.

Operation Tango appears to be at the forefront of many PS Plus June 2021 predictions for the PS5 offering thanks to its release happening on the 1st.

Seeing as the game’s release date coincides with the arrival of new games for Sony’s subscription service, it’s no surprise that many are anticipating it to be offered for free on PS5.

It’s very possible that it could be the next-gen freebie for next month because it’s an indie title that – as of writing – cannot be pre-ordered from the PSN store despite having an official release date.

As for what the two PS4 games will be, a huge prediction of ours is Godfall on both PS4 and PS5.

The game’s exclusivity to PS5 ends on May 21st, and there’s reports about it being rated for Sony’s last-gen system.

With the above taken into consideration, perhaps Godfall will become a free offering on PS4 and PS5 on June 1st thanks to its playerbase dwindling.

A final prediction in a throwaway guess is NBA 2K21 simply because of its reveal as the recent mystery game for the Epic Games Store.

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