Fans are baffled after pictures of Taika Waititi, Rita Ora and Tessa Thompson cosying up with each other surfaced on May 23. Is Taika Waititi married?

The New Zealand filmmaker is busy directing his new movie Thor: Love and Thunder with Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman these days.

However, most recently shocking pictures of the Academy award-winning star emerged on the internet.

The pictures feature Taika cosying up with his new girlfriend Rita Ora in Sydney, Australia. However, the duo wasn’t alone.

Taika and Rita were accompanied by Thor actress Tessa Thompson.

The pictures sparked many questions and rumours about the director and his personal life.

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Some rumours suggest that he and Rita might be in a polyamorous relationship. However, many fans wondered if Taika is still married.

Is Taika Waititi married?

Taika was married to fellow New Zealand filmmaker Chelsea Winstanley. The couple tied the knot in 2011 and were married for 6 years before quietly separating in 2018.

Taika and wife Chelsea were last photographed together at a Golden Globes party in January 2020. At the time the duo had worked together on the film Jojo Rabbit. Taika was the director while Chelsea, the producer. 

In February 2020, Chelsea took to Twitter and cryptically revealed that she and Taika were no longer together.

On February 15, a fan tweeted an illustration of Chelsea and Taika, and wrote: ‘I present a portrait of Chelsea Winstanley and her husband.’ 

Chelsea took to Twitter and replied in a now-deleted tweet saying, ‘It’s nice to be recognized but even better to not be associated by name.’ She accompanied the cryptic tweet with the hashtag ‘#notmyhusband.

The former couple has two daughters together, Te Hinekaahu and Matewa.

Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images for Arama Pictures

Rita Ora, Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson cosy up in Sydney

Many fans on Twitter were baffled after recent pictures surfaced of Taika and Rita cosying up with Thor star Tessa.

Rita and Taika were all smiling while relaxing outside after an all-night party at Taika’s Sydney home. In the pictures published by Dail Mail, the trio is seen in great spirits as they are wrapped around in each other’s arms.

They were drinking al fresco drinks, while snuggling close to each other.

Recently The Sydney Morning Herald had revealed that Rita had moved in with Taika in his Sydney home.

However, the recent pictures sparked many questions on Twitter. In the series of pics we see that Taika, Rita and Tessa are openly kissing each other.

This made many Twitter users question if Taika is in a polyamorous relationship. There were also rumours about Rita and the Thor director being in open relationship.

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi’s relationship explored

Rita and Taika went public in April 2021 after the duo showed up at the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under at the Sydney Opera House.

The I Will Never Let You Down singer has previously dated the likes of Calvin Harris and songwriter Andrew Watt.

The couple is yet to announce their relationship officially.

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