Biomutant is one of the most anticipated games of the month and early physical copies are said to be out in the wild. While some people are enjoying the game right now, its full release isn’t until May 25th. And, with its official launch imminent, there are some people asking: is Biomutant coming to Xbox Game Pass? Here you’ll discover if the game will be on Xbox Game Pass, and you’ll also discover how to get it for ‘free’ on PC via EA Play Pro.

Although reviews are not out as of writing, early impressions of the game have largely been positive. The character creation has been praised for letting you make an actually unique protagonist, and the gameplay and open-world aesthetics have also been complimented.

While the title looks promising for those seeking another sandbox to get lost in, below you’ll discover if Biomutant is coming to Xbox Game Pass.

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Biomutant – Explanation Trailer

Will Biomutant be on Xbox Game Pass?

Biomutant is not coming to Xbox Game Pass and thus will not be on the subscription service come May 25th.

It’s possible that Biomutant will come to Xbox Game Pass sometime in the future, but it will only be available via EA Play Pro on launch date.

If you’re excited about the game and are willing to pay its full fee, know that you can preload it on Microsoft’s consoles right now by pre-ordering for £54.99.

Pre-ordering the game will bag you the Mercenary Class DLC along with some unique perks.

How to get Biomutant with EA Play Pro

You can only get Biomutant for ‘free’ on PC with EA Play Pro.

An EA Play Pro subscription costs £14.99 per month or £89.99 per year, and it will allow you to play Biomutant at no added cost.

Paying £14.99 for one month would be a great way to experience the game at a cheaper fee, or you could pay £89.99 for one year to experience the new release as well as other fantastic games such as the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Know that EA Play Pro is only available on PC via Origin, and that you only get the standard version of EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Check out the Origin website for more details about EA Play Pro.