Blizzard showed off Overwatch 2 gameplay yesterday with fans getting to see 5v5 action across a trio of maps. After seeing the footage, fans of the series are asking: when does Overwatch 2 come out? Here you’ll find the latest known about the release date for when the game will come out, and you’ll also find an explanation of the changes to 5v5 from 6v6.

Tank players are reportedly nervous about the game’s 5v5 future thanks to the second tank slot being removed. However, while there are worried fans and players, there are also plenty of people who are excited.

Below you’ll find the latest release date news for when Overwatch 2 will come out.

Overwatch 2 5v5 changes explained

One of the changes for Overwatch 2 is 6v6 battles turning into 5v5 PvP.

Although fans would want changes to the sequel, 5v5 PvP for Overwatch 2 has understandably gotten some people worried.

This is because the change results in the second tank slot from each team being removed, with teams instead comprising of one tank, two DPS, and two support.

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Overwatch game director, Aaron Keller, explained the change during yesterday’s gameplay stream by proclaiming that “tanks can be problematic”.

Per Polygon, Keller said that the removal of one tank will simplify everything and allow “players to understand everything that’s happening around them and make better choices because of it”.

He also said that Blizzard had tested other team compositions such as 4v4 and 7v7, but that they hope 5v5 will make the sequel easier for both players and viewers to understand and get into.

When does Overwatch 2 come out?

The release date window for when Overwatch 2 will come out seems to be 2022.

No official release date has been shared for when Overwatch 2 will come out, but an earnings call in February suggested that it will not launch during 2021.

In addition, Aaron Keller also told Gamespot on April 29th that the title’s development is in “mid-cycle”.

There’s been many predictions as to when the title will launch, and some believe that the sequel will release in August to Fall 2022.