Is Debris season 2 confirmed? Let’s consider whether the 2021 NBC series has been renewed or cancelled. Can fans expect more?

While there are many highly anticipated efforts yet to reach screens, 2021 has arguably been a very impressive year for TV fans so far.

We have been lucky to witness the return of familiar favourites and the arrival of new shows destined for such consideration.

Viewers continue to praise Debris, which premiered back in March on NBC. Created by J. H. Wyman, this American sci-fi concerns itself with the debris of an alien spacecraft which has been plummeting down to Earth. A crew is assembled to find the pieces and assess the impact their presence is having on humans.

CIA and MI6 operative Bryan Beneventi and Finola Jones are tasked with recovering the debris, but they’re certainly not alone.

Recently, hopes have turned to Debris season 2, but is the series renewed or cancelled?


still from Debris, NBCUniversal Media, LLC., IMDb

Debris season 2: Renewed or cancelled?

  • NBC is yet to officially announce whether Debris has been renewed for season 2. However, the good news is that the series has not been cancelled.

The finale – episode 13, ‘Celestial Body’ – airs on Monday, May 24th 2021.

Taking this into consideration, it’s likely that NBC will assess the viewing figures closely before determining whether Debris warrants renewal.

Concrete renewal news will likely emerge in June 2021.

There is certainly room to explore more of the story in a second season, and cast interviews suggest that the crew believe this too. For example, Jonathan Tucker (who plays Bryan Beneventi) speaks of Debris in terms of season 1:

“[Coping with loss] is certainly an overarching theme for the first season. It’s almost like the first season is a logline of every Pixar movie you’ve ever seen: a woman trying to find her dad, and a guy saying goodbye to his father.”

This is an encouraging sign, but only time will tell.

Debris fans hope for season 2

A number of fans have already voiced their hopes for a second season of Debris over on Twitter.

Check out a selection of tweets

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