Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande are married! The pair had a secret ceremony surrounded by their close friends and family. Here’s a look at Dalton’s net worth.

Ariana and Dalton had been planning on a summer wedding for a long time. However, COVID-19 had affected their plans. Despite this, the pair decided to go through the wedding before they got busy with their respective works. Here’s a look at what Dalton does as we explore his wealth.

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What is Dalton Gomez’s net worth?

Dalton has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He is a real estate agent by profession. Dalton usually deals with high-end estates. At present, he works as a sole buyers agent for Aaron Kirman.

The company website also states that he served as the Director of Operations for Aaron Kirman Group during his initial days at the company. Dalton has always been in the real estate business and has good knowledge about the luxury real estate business.

The website also states that Dalton has the “largest Rolodexes of A-list buyers.” His bio reveals that he has sold houses worth $12 million and over. You can view more here.

It is unclear at the moment how much commission Dalton makes from his sale. However, we won’t be surprised to find out that it is a lot.

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How did Ariana Grande and Dalton meet?

Dalton and Ariana also connected with each other due to real estate. As per Elle, Ariana had been looking for a home outside Los Angeles. For this, her team invited Dalton for help.

A source close to the singer said: “When she saw him, she immediately thought he was cute and very good-looking, and she asked her team to set up an in-person meeting with him. Ariana fell very hard for Dalton shortly after they met.”

Following this, Ariana did not shy away from sharing her pictures with Dalton on social media. He even made an appearance with her for her song Stuck With You.

On May 17, several reports confirmed that Ariana and Dalton got married secretly. As of now, neither Ariana nor Dalton have shared any pictures from their wedding.

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