A psychic named Cosha has gone viral after she alleged that she had spoken to famous rappers after their death.

Many fans were devastated over the death of American rappers King Von and MO3 who passed away in November last year.

Recent videos with their names started trending when a psychic called Cosha claimed that she had talked to them in her dreams.

The psychic has gained a lot of attention on social media after she alleged that she had those conversations but who exactly is Cosha?

Cosha, SAY CHEESE on YouTube

Who is Cosha?

Cosha is a certified psychic reader, according to her Instagram profile.

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The psychic first gained popularity after she created her YouTube channel Good Intent in May, 2019. Her channel has just over 8,000 subscribers at the time of publication.

Cosha’s videos are mainly about readings on careers, relationships, birth charts and other general readings.

Over the last few months, the psychic has published several live streams with tarot readings as well.

Cosha alleged she talked to rappers from beyond the grave

The psychic’s name and social media profiles have gone viral after she alleged that she had conversations with deceased celebrities.

In a couple of videos shared by media outlet Say Cheese TV, Cosha claimed that she had spoken to rappers such as Notorious B.I.G, King Von and MO3.

The psychic claimed that her father, whom she has never met, had recently come in her dreams which is how her psychic abilities first started growing. According to Cosha, her father introduced her, in a dream, to celebrities such as Notorious B.I.G. She claims she then went on to speak to King Von and MO3.

It’s safe to say that people on Twitter are divided in their opinions of Cosha’s claims. So far, a lot of comments mention needing more proof about Cosha’s alleged conversations with dead celebrities.

Meet Cosha on Instagram

Cosha has received a lot of new followers on Instagram since her name gained widespread attention online.

Her account mainly consists of psychic readings and predictions on why some celebrity couples weren’t meant to be together.

You can find her on Instagram under the handle @magickmaat.

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