A video of a cat that chases a coyote in British Columbia has gone viral, attracting a lot of reactions and concerns from social media users.

Videos on the internet can start trending within the matter of days or even a few hours.

A recent one, which sees a cat chasing a coyote in a parking lot, has left many Twitter users concerned.

The clip was captured by Port Moody Police near their station in British Columbia, Canada last week.

Cat chases coyote, Fox 13 News Utah on YouTube

Cat chases coyote caught on video

A video of a cat chasing a coyote in a parking lot in British Columbia has made its rounds on the internet, attracting media attention and concerns from social media users.

Port Moody Police caught the video in which a coyote can be seen approaching a cat near a parked vehicle in the early hours of last Friday, May 14th. Moments later, the cat starts chasing the coyote before they exit the parking.

“The things our patrol officers see at 4am… cat 1, coyote 0,” Port Moody Police wrote on their Twitter profile.

The video has received over 24,000 views at the time of publication, as well as 300 retweets and just over 1,200 likes. You can watch it down below.

Police says the cat is unharmed

The video has received messages of concerns in the comment section where Twitter users asked whether the coyote was part of a pack.

Police officers have reassured people that the cat is unharmed as they followed the coyote out of the area.

One person tweeted: “Until they get around the corner to the rest of the pack.”

“Thankfully that’s not the case,” Port Moody Police replied to the Twitter user. “We followed the lone coyote out of the area. And the same cat was seen doing it’s rounds in the parking lot again this early morning!”

People react to the video

A number of social media users took to Twitter to share their reactions as the video continues to gain more popularity and views.

A Vancouver Police Department officer reacted with a joke, and asked: “Can we borrow the cat for a few days?”

Someone else tweeted: “I had a cat like that once. She was fearless.”

Another person wrote: “Oooo. The cat was lucky this time. It usually doesn’t end well for the cat. Bring your pets inside if there are coyotes in the area.”

The British Columbia government has shared an extensive list of information about coyotes, writing: “Wild coyotes are naturally curious animals, however, they are timid and will usually run away if challenged. Coyotes start posing a risk to people when they lose their wariness and become comfortable around humans – this is usually a result of direct or indirect feeding by humans.”

Their page also includes a list of measures in case of wolves or coyotes sightings.

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