Is The Woman in the Window a remake? Many audiences are checking out the 2021 Netflix movie, so let’s get the film’s origins explored.

Netflix has offered movie fans the opportunity to check out so many new titles so far in 2021.

We’ve already been invited to watch the likes of The Dig, The White Tiger, Oxygen, Outside the Wire, Moxie, Concrete Cowboy, The Mitchells vs the Machines, Malcolm & Marie, and more. Fortunately, the streaming service continues to keep them coming.

One of the latest efforts to demand attention is The Woman in the Window.

Directed by Joe Wright (Atonement, Darkest Hour), this American psychological thriller stars Amy Adams (Arrival) as Anna Fox, a Manhattan resident suffering from agoraphobia who believes she has witnessed a murder in the opposite apartment block.

As more viewers check it out, curiosity circulates… is The Woman in the Window a remake?

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Netflix: Is The Woman in the Window a remake?

  • No, 2021’s The Woman in the Window on Netflix is not a remake. It is an adaptation of a 2018 novel of the same name, written by Daniel Mallory under the pseudonym A. J. Finn.

On the other hand, there is another film called The Woman in the Window which was released in 1944. It stars Edward G. Robinson as a professor who falls for a femme fatale and becomes entagneld in a world of blackmail and danger.

The film was directed by German filmmaker Fritz Lang, who is best known for such classics as Metropolis, M, and Dr. Mabuse the Gambler.

While the 1944 and 2021 films share the same name, Joe’s movie is not a remake.

Although Netflix’s The Woman in the Window is based on a novel and not a film, it arguably owes a huge debt to such iconic movies as Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, which stars James Stewart as a professional photographer with a broken leg.

Confined to his apartment, he spends his time gazing out of the window and spying on residents of the block. However, he becomes convinced that he has witnessed a murder in one of the apartments facing his.

The 1954 film is often regarded as one of the master of suspense’s best.

Joe Wright on The Woman in the Window

There are obvious allusions to Rear Window, but the 48-year-old British filmmaker has also cited French director Robert Bresson (A Man Escaped, Pickpocket) as an influence.

Speaking with IndieWire, he explained: “I liked the idea of the kind of minimalist constraints of making a film that is completely set in one house.”

Continuing to address what compelled him to tackle this story, he added: “I’m also interested in, and always have been, in the blurring between subjective and objective reality, truth and lies, and the lies we tell ourselves and how we create our own reality.”

Audiences praise The Woman in the Window

While the critical reception of the film has been largely negative, a number of audiences have found much to admire about the movie. In particular, Amy Adams’ central performance has earned praise.

Some fans have flocked to Twitter to offer their thoughts:

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