Users are seeing two letters appear all over social media and now people are asking “What does YT mean on TikTok?”. Meaning and other definitions explained.

After seeing hundreds of TikTok users post videos with “YT” in the captions, many people are now wondering what the term means.

The term can be seen not only on TikTok but across various social media platforms with many giving their own definition to the term. We can tell you it isn’t like MJ’s “PYT”.

So, what does “YT” mean?

What does YT mean on TikTok?

  • The Term ‘YT’ is a perjatorive slang term for a Caucasian person, short for “Whitey”.

It is not known where the term originated from, nor who created it but the term can be seen with the word “people” often. So, when seen online, people will often see “yt (YT) people” as part of a sentence.

Of course, this could sometimes be changed depending on the context of the conversation. Please note: We are not encouraging the use of the term in this article but simply defining what it means.

Chrissy Teigen’s reaction to “YT” on Twitter

Back in 2018, celebrity Chrissy Teigen posted on her official Twitter account saying that she thought the term was meant for the aforementioned slang. However, she goes on to say “YT people is YouTube people and not internet slang for white people”.

Though this may have been the case in 2018, trends change in the blink of an eye and 3 years later “YT” has taken on many definitions in addition to the sensitive slang it is today.

Other definitions of YT explained

One of the older meanings of “YT” was “Young Thing” like in Michael Jackson’s popular song “Pretty Young Thing”, other meanings of words abbreviated include YouTube, You There? and You Too.

Here are some more meanings that the two letters could hold, though some are less well known than others.