If you’re a TikTok lover, then you probably often find yourself wondering what a lot of words mean.

You’ll be aimlessly scrolling through the app, watching the day’s selection of dance routines, challenge videos and cooking recipes.

And then suddenly you’ll come across a word, phrase or acronym that you just don’t have a clue what it means.

One of those words that has left many people in a world of TikTok confusion is ‘barb’.

So what exactly does ‘barb’ mean? Hint: It’s related to a very famous singer.

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What is a ‘barb’?

A ‘barb’ refers to the name of the fanbase of the American singer Nicki Minaj.

So, if you are a loyal fan of her music, you are a ‘barb’.

The plural of that is ‘barbz’, referring to Nicki’s fanbase as a whole.

Where does the name ‘barb’ come from?

Nicki’s alter ego is the Harajuku Barbie, referencing Nicki’s girly style and love of wearing pink.

In some of her songs and music videos, Nicki performs as the Harajuku Barbie, whereas in others she is simply just Nicki.

Think of the Superbass era, where she wore her signature pink wig and lived that girly fashionista lifestyle – thats Nicki as the Harajuku Barbie.

The name then began to be shortened by fans to Harajuku Barbz and then simply ‘Barbz’, which is where the name for her fanbase came from.

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Who are ‘Ken barbz’?

Nicki’s fans even now have different names for different members of her fanbase.

For example, the term ‘Ken barbz’ refers to Nicki’s male fans.

The name derives from the Ken doll, who is Barbie’s boyfriend.

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Barbz celebrate Nicki’s new music

On Thursday (May 13th), Nicki took to Instagram to reveal some very exciting news. She’s releasing new music!

The Super Bass singer went live on Instagram at Midnight on Friday to announce a brand new album called Beam Me Up Scotty.

It features a huge 23 songs including Crocodile Teeth, Fractions and Seeing Green featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. Some of them are new, and others are re-released from an old mixtape.

Barbz instantly began taking to Twitter to celebrate the new music, and it’s safe to say they’re all very excited.

One person wrote: “It has to be a good day when you wake up to new music from @NICKIMINAJ.”

“NICKI MINAJ new music!!! With songs and mixes with Lil Wayne and Drake!! My 15-year-old self can’t cope!” said another.

Listen to all of Nicki’s new music on her official YouTube channel.

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