Is there a Mom season 8 episode 19? Let’s get the series finale explained and consider whether fans can expect more episodes.

What is your favourite show to emerge from the 2010s?

There were so many gems to surface from all genres, but for sitcom fanatics, arguably few new titles hit the spot quite like Mom.

Created by Chuck Lorre, Eddie Gorodetsky and Gemma Baker, the American series premiered on CBS back in 2013 and swiftly earned a very loyal following, which has stuck with it through some unfortunate news.

It was confirmed earlier this year that season 8 would be the final season of Mom and audiences were invited to tuck into the final batch of episodes from November 2020.

Now, some viewers are curious, is there a Mom season 8 episode 19? When is the finale?

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Mom: Is there a season 8 episode 19?

  • No, season 8 episode 18 served as the series finale of Mom. There will be no more episodes.

Episode 18 was titled ‘My Kinda People and the Big To-Do’ and it aired on Thursday, May 13th 2021.

As for why it was cancelled, Allison Janney recently appeared on CBS’ Sunday Morning and said: “Yeah, it was a shock. I have my own theories, but I’ve been told not to express them.”

It’s unlikely that fans will be given a concrete reason for the series coming to a close anytime soon.

Mom fans mourn after the finale

Since the finale aired, a number of fans have flocked to Twitter to mourn the show, offering their thoughts on the end of the road.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Gemma Baker on the Mom finale

While in conversation with Deadline, the Mom showrunner – Gemma Baker – addressed what it was like shooting the final episode: “The meeting scene with Bonnie’s speech was one of the last scenes that we shot, and it was really emotional for all the reasons you would guess.

“I know for me as Bonnie is talking about what she was like eight years ago, I can’t help but think of this incredible journey that we all got to go on together and how much we’ve all grown and changed and gone through in our own lives and how much we’re going to miss each other.”

Offering some reflective thoughts on the entire journey, Gemma also weighed in on behalf of the crew:

“It was really great. I think everyone who worked on the show is really proud of what we were able to accomplish and how long we got to do it. It was more than a job. We’re all so grateful for that opportunity to have made this show.”

It’s truly the end of an era! Nevertheless, the episodes are all there to enjoy again and again. Rewatch, anybody?

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