After almost 8 years, the mastermind behind North West’s parody Instagram account has been revealed in the latest episode of KUWTK.

Ever since Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiered, the family has transformed pop culture and has numerous fan accounts all over the Internet, as well as satire pages.

While KUWTK is coming to an end, the famous sisters decided to solve the mystery of who is behind Kim and Kanye’s firstborn, North West, parody account, after almost 8 years of running online.

Who is Noris Black Book?

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The mastermind behind Noris Black Book is Natalie Franklin, a huge fan of KUWTK and an expert on the reality show.

Natalie Franklin’s personal Instagram account is @nataliethehero.

Natalie Franklin created “Noris Black Book,” a parody account of the 7-year-old North West on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, where she posted photos and videos about the Kardashian-Jenner family with sarcastic comments, pretending to be from the perspective of North and her mother Kim K.

The hilarious parody account has been running in anonymity almost ever since North West was born in 2013.

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The account currently has a million followers on Instagram, while the Noris Black Book writes for websites like Too Fab, commenting on the latest KUWTK episodes from the perspective of North West.

Natalie Franklin has made all the KUWTK fans follow her parody page, commenting on almost everything that relates to the famous family, from the least to the most controversial.

Because of its success, the Noris Black Book sparked the interest of the Kardashians, who invite Natalie to their latest episode of KUWTK.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian uncover who runs Noris Black Book

In the latest episode of KUWTK, Kim and Khloe Kardashian start an investigation to find out who is behind North West’s parody account, starting by questioning their inner circle.

After they all denied, the KKW chief marketing officer suggested that they contact @norisblackbook about sending a KKW press box and find out her address.

The investigation ended up being successful! The two sisters met Natalie Franklin and Kim Kardashian gave her a shout out on her Instagram account of 220 million followers.

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