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Speaking on the Premier League’s YouTube channel, Ruben Dias has been giving his honest opinion on Manchester City and Portugal teammate Bernardo Silva.

The centre-back was playing a game where he had to create his ‘ultimate teammate’ based on a number of attributes you’d find on a FIFA Ultimate Team card, and when it came to pace, he poked fun at Bernardo Silva.

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“I think Bernardo is definitely one of them (the fastest),” Dias said.

The defender then amended his comment, pointing out that he was only kidding after the show’s host had a rather confused reaction.

“I’m kidding man, don’t make that face. He’s definitely not one of them,” Dias said.

Dias may think that Silva is slow, but he did have a lot of praise for him when it came to dribbling ability.

“Bernardo, Bernardo is a phenomenon. With the dribbling I’m going with Bernardo on the dribbling.”

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Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard a Man City player say that Silva is slow.

Indeed, Kyle Walker has previously commented on the midfielder’s lack of pace, so it seems as though there’s something to this.

To be honest, Silva doesn’t look remarkably slow when you watch him on the pitch, but perhaps he just doesn’t put the effort into his sprints when he’s training.

Photo by Manchester City FC/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

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