“Prego Spaghetti Sauce on a Kitchen counter” hack video featuring facebook creators Josh and Lisa trigger Twitter users. Is it mess fetish or clickbait?

Recently a viral video, a Facebook video entitled “Ultimate Spaghetti trick” has gone viral on the internet. The video originated on Facebook and has garnered over 24 million views.

After being shared by YouTuber, Jarvis Johnson on Twitter, the video has become a hot topic on the platform.

Prego Spaghetti Sauce on Kitchen counter video explained

The viral video surfaced on Facebook on April 22, on users Josh and Lisa’s page.

But it blew up on the internet after Commentary Youtuber Jarvis tweeted about it on Monday, May 10.

The video features Lisa, spreading the red Prego Spaghetti sauce on a tip-top, white kitchen counter. She empties the whole jar on the counter and proceeds to get meatballs.

While occasionally speaking in a sultry voice, Lisa arbitrarily spreads the meatballs on the sauce. She then brings out a box of powdered parmesan cheese and throws in a copious amount of it linearly on top of the sauce and the meatballs.

Finally, she picks up a vessel full of spaghetti, calling them “noodles” and slaps them across the sauce.

In the end, she picks up two wooden ladles, which she then uses to mix the whole thing up and mind you she is doing it all on her kitchen counter.

Twitter divided over the Ultimate Prego Spaghetti sauce hack video

Facebook’s Ultimate Spaghetti trick video naturally triggered many people online, especially on Twitter. It left Twitter divided, with some users believing that it was clickbait content meant for attention-grabbing. Others said that it might be a new online trend called ‘mess fetish.’

One user said, “someone on tiktok said this might be a mess fetish of some kind because of the male gaze and the sultry voice and honestly my life hasnt been the same since.”

Another one wrote, “honestly that’s what i assumed when i first saw the nachos video. like, this has either got to be some kind of weird fetish thing, or just someone making extremely dumb content on the internet for attention. those are the ONLY two options.”

A third user wrote, “I feel like the explanation just is that it’s a troll. Like this is just 5-minute crafts 2.0, they keep doing increasingly dumb things until they eventually get bored of it. And no one sees through it because people are willing to assume that women are just complete m****s.”

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