Fans are wondering who the voice of MILO is in the upcoming Sci-Fi film Oxygen. We look at the voice behind the machine and the remaining cast.

The film is scheduled to release on Netflix this month and is set to be in French language. Oxygen was supposed to be produced by Anne Hathaway but she was later replaced. The film was produced and directed by Aleandre Aja.

Oxygen is an American-French produced film by companies, Gateway Films, Wild Bunch and Echo Lake Entertainment, with distribution by Netflix. Fans are wondering who the antagonistic voice of the film is after seeing the trailer.

So, just who is the voice of MILO in Oxygen?

Oxygen: Cast of film on Netflix

The film for the most part is shot inside a Cryo unit so there aren’t many cast members. These are the few set to appear in the film:

  • Melanie Laurent as Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Hansen
  • MILO (below)
  • Malik Zidi as Leo Ferguson
  • Laura Boujenah as Alice Hansen
  • Eric Herson-Macarel as Capitaine Moreau
  • Anie Balestra as Femma Agee
  • Marc Saez as Inspecteur
  • Cathy Cerda as Alice Agee
  • Lyah Valade as Liz enfant

The remaining cast members who are set to feature in supporting roles can be seen here

Shava Ni Girdhari Lal | Official Trailer

Oxygen: Voice of MILO revealed

  • The voice of MILO, or rather ‘M.I.L.O’ is Mathieu Amalric, who is most well known for his role as the villain in ‘Quantum of solace’ (2008).

Mathieu Amalric is a French actor and filmmaker, born on 25th October 1965 in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France. He was married to Jeanne Balibar, a French actress and singer, with whom he had 3 children. Amalric is of French and Polish descent. His father is French and his mother was born in Poland and moved to France when WW2 had begun.

Amalric’s earliest credited work as an actor was in 1984, where he appeared in ‘Favourites of the Moon’, he since worked in over 120 titles as an actor. He has also worked/appeared as a director, writer, producer, cinematographer and as himself in over 70 titles.

He is most well known for his work as a Bond villain but also for his work in ‘Munich’ (2005) and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ (2014). For this year he is set to appear in Oxygen, ‘The French Dispatch’ and ‘Mother Schmukers’. He is also working on a title in post-production called ‘Tralala’.

In Oxygen, he plays a role similar to ‘HAL 9000’ from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey (1998) as computer system M.I.L.O. He does not have any confirmed social media accounts but there is an Instagram account in his name, with 1 post at the time of writing.

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Melanie Laurent as Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Hansen

Melanie Laurent (Mélanie) is a French actress, filmmaker and singer who was born on 21st February 1983 in Paris, France. She was previously married to Julien Boisselier but the two divorced after 4 years of marriage in 2009. She has 1 child with him. Her father was Pierre Laurent who worked as a voice actor and her mother was a ballerina named Annick.

Her first role as an actress was in ‘Les malheurs de Sophie’ in 1998. Since then, she has featured in over 40 films and is most well known for her appearances in ‘Inglorious Basterds’ (2009) and ‘Now You See Me’ (2013).

Her only role for this year is in Oxygen, where she plays the leading role as Liz, an amnesiac who wakes up in a Cryo chamber with no memory of who she is. In the film, she has 90 minutes to figure out who she is to be let out otherwise she runs out of Oxygen.

She is set to appear in ‘Le bal des folles’ which is currently in post-production. She does not seem to have an Instagram account but has fan dedicated ones.

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Malik Zidi as Leo Ferguson

Malik Zidi is a French actor, who was born on 14th February 1975 in Chatenay-Malabry, France. He was born to an Algerian father and a Breton mother. There is not much known about his personal life but here is what we were able to find on his career.

Zidi first started out his career in media as a comedian and theatre actor, he later moved on to star in TV and films.

His first credited role as an actor was in 1998, where he featured in ‘Open Bodies’. Since then, he has gone on to appear in over 60 credited roles and is most well known for his work on ‘Changing Times’ (2004) and ‘Poison Friends’ (2006). For this year, his only role is in Oxygen. There is an Instagram account in his name but as it does not have a blue tick, it can’t be confirmed that the account is his.

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