TikTok’s latest trend is an online game where you try to draw a perfect circle. Is it even possible? Keep reading to find out how to score 100%!

#circlegame has over 25 million views on TikTok but really it’s more of a challenge because it seems to be impossible.

The circle game tests players steady hands and accuracy as they need to draw a perfect circle around the dot in the centre of the page. The game will rate your circle as a percentage.

When you’ve nearly achieved the perfect shape, you might get addicted in order score the perfect 100.

Find out where to play and have a go yourself!

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How to play the Circle Game

The game is available here.

Tip 1: Try using a stylus pen instead of your finger, to mimic drawing a circle on paper with a pen.

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Tip 2: Place your tablet or phone on a flat surface so that it is easier to draw on and to avoid any unnecessary movement.

Tip 3: It might be easier to play on a smaller screeen i.e your phone rather than a tablet because it is less area to cover. Less area = less mistakes.

Tip 4: This is more of a cheating tip – use a circular object e.g. cup and trace around it. Surprisingly, it still isn’t 100% accurate!

Tip 5: Cheat – Some users are saying if you just do a dot on the screen, you will get 100.

Tip 6: Cheat – attach your stylus to a compass.

TikTok users try the Circle Game


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Some users have even challenged each other to get 0.1% instead:

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