Diego Sanchez training video showing Joshua Fabia striking him was leaked days ago. Fans can be seen reacting to it on Twitter.

Diego Sanchez is a well known Mixed Martial Arts fighter and former welterweight fighter with UFC. Sanchez made his debut in 2005 and has just ended his contract with them after his fight with Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone was cancelled.

Now he has made news after appearing in an upsetting video for many, which shows him supposedly training with his coach, Joshua Fabia. Sanchez posted a separate video earlier this month about his experience with UFC (below).

So, what was the Diego Sanchez training video about?

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What was the Diego Sanchez training video with Joshua Fabia about?

  • A video showing Joshua Fabia “training” Diego Sanchez was shown earlier this week. In the Video Sanchez can be seen hanging upside down while Fabia slaps and kicks him.

Due to the nature and content of the video, it has since been removed from YouTube but can still be found on Twitter. One Twitter user posted a 35-second clip which is taken by a 3rd party showing their “training” session.

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Fabia’s previous training sessions

Sanchez and Fabia are a controversial teacher and student duo who have caused a stir more than once in regard to how they “train” with one another. More recently the two made headlines after Sanchez’ retirement fight with Donald Cerrone was cancelled. The fight was scheduled for 8th May 2021 but instead, on that day, the bizarre video of Sanchez being hit by Fabia was posted on YouTube. This all reportedly began after some negative rumours were floating around.

Only September 2020, less than a year ago, it was shown that rumours of Fabia chasing UFC fighters around the ring with a knife, were in fact, true. MMA and UFC fighter Emil ‘Valhalla’ Meek, posted the video of their intense session on Twitter.

Fabia says about his method at the time “The drill is, they’re all in the octagon, moving, trying not to touch each other, or get touched by each other. So I want you to think of an athletic, high-speed game of tag that allows you to play, but also play with that fear and anxiety space-“.

Fans reactions to the video on Twitter revealed

most of the fans have found hilarity in the situation while others are downright disgusted. Here is a mix of fans reactions found on Twitter:

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