Stevin John became a popular YouTuber with his character Blippi. However, his latest episode has many wondering what happened to him after they noticed a new Blippi instead of Stevin.

The character was introduced to the children to promote educational learning. Its YouTube channel started in 2014, and since then, Stevin has managed to pool in a large audience. Several people love the way his character interacts with children and helps them learn new things. However, a sudden change in character had disappointed quite a few.

What happened to Blippi?

Stevin has not commented why he was not there in the latest episode. We will update the article once there is a response from him. However, it is possible that a new actor took on the role just for the latest video. If you notice the video which was uploaded two days ago, it was Stevin who played the role.

The new episode is part of its new learning series. This was announced on its official Facebook page. The post read: “Due to popular demand we are bringing more Blippi from The Live Show to you all! Don’t miss the launch of ‘Learn with Blippi’ tomorrow on Blippi’s YouTube channel. Who’s ready!?”

Twitter reacts to new Blippi

It does not come as a surprise that several fans were disappointed to see someone else was playing the character. In fact, parents even took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the same.

Some even turned the situation into memes as they asked: “Who is the imposter?” One user wrote: “Uhhh wtf happened to Blippi? There’s just some new guy that’s Blippi now? Can you do that?”

Another user revealed that their children immediately identified that there was a new Blippi. The comment read: “Showed the kids the new Blippi without telling them there is a new Blippi. Within the first minute: 6 year old: Why does he sound so funny? 4 year old: Why does he he have different shoes? 6 year old: Is this a different Blippi? There’s no fooling them.”

The same thought was echoed via a tweet made by another person as they wrote: “So my kids were excited to see a [email protected] episode, but quickly realized it was some other guy dressed like him with a dubbed out voice and they were so ticked.”

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