If you have gone on Facebook recently, you would have noticed that the link button is now pink. Several people have been wondering why the Facebook like button is pink and not blue. Here’s how Twitter reacted to this.

Even after platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and others came into existence, Facebook has managed to stay active. On May 7, several people noticed some new changes as the link button appeared pink. However, you don’t have to worry. This change is not permanent.

Why is the Facebook like button pink?

The Facebook like button is appearing pink on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Don’t worry, the blue like button will be back soon. Facebook decided to make this change to celebrate the occasion and pay tribute to mothers.

The like button appears to have a pink flower in the background as the thumbs-up symbol rests on top of it.

At the moment, this change is being noticed by people in the US. However, there are a few people who revealed on Twitter that their like button has not changed. It is unknown at the moment if the pink like button will be available for everyone.

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As for the people who have the pink button, many admitted that they like the new change. Some even took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the same.

Twitter reacts to pink like button

Several Twitter users have been reacting to the change of blue like button to pink. One user wrote: “I kinda like this pink like button on #Facebook. Happy upcoming Mother’s Day!” Another added: “The new cute pink ‘like’ button on Facebook is so exciting to me.”

“I for one, am thrilled about the pink like button on Facebook,” read another comment. Some even joked if Facebook would do something similar on account of Father’s Day.

Others changes made by Facebook for Mother’s Day

On account of Mother’s Day, Facebook decided to launch a campaign to promote their Portal smart video calling device.

The website stated that they will be “hosting conversations with influencers on topics including body positivity, IVF, adoption, autism, work-life balance, and more. Check out the schedule of sessions below. And to help moms and mother figure better connect with their families and friends, we’re offering a $30 USD discount on Portal TV and a $50 USD discount on both Portal and Portal+, now through May 9.”

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