Rapper Lil Uzi Vert’s ex Brittany Byrd took revealed some details after he confirmed his relationship with JT. Who is Lil Uzi Vert’s ex-girlfriend?

In March 2021, Vert confirmed his relationship with JT. The rapper took to his Instagram and posted a series of videos clearing the air around his dating life.

However, it did not take long for the drama to ensue after Vert’s announcement. Shortly after he proclaimed his love for JT on social media, the rapper’s ex broke her silence.

Vert’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Byrd posted screenshots of messages which hinted that she and Vert were still together.

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Who is Lil Uzi Vert’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Byrd?

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According to her Instagram handle, Brittany is an artist and a curator. She is also the owner of Byrd Museum.

Moreover, Brittany is also listed as a creative with the Los Angeles based company Photo Genics.

Photo Genics was founded in 2002 by Bordeaux Models owner, Nicole Bordeaux and co-owners Dean and Davis Factor.

Brittany has over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

In the past, the artist has worked for Lindsay Lohan. In her 2017 interview with PaperMag, Brittany revealed that she was Lindsay’s stylist first and then became her personal assistant.

Brittany also revealed that when she was working for Kode Magazine, one day its Editor-in-Chief, Allan Troy Watson, couldn’t make it to style Lindsay and asked Brittany to do it. The duo became close friends and ended up travelling all across the world.

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Brittany Byrd and JT’s drama explained

In her 2017 interview, Brittany had revealed that she met Vert through a mutual friend. The artist revealed that the two hit it off immediately as both of them were very spiritual people.

However, it looks like, despite years of togetherness, the relationship did not go down well.

Ever since Vert proclaimed his love for City Girls Rapper JT, in March 2020, some serious drama has ensued.

Most recently the drama between Brittany and JT intensified after Vert and JT’s pictures from their new Arena Homme+ magazine cover shoot were leaked.

Although the cover photo from Homme magazine is not officially out yet, it was leaked on Instagram. The leaked pictures feature Vert stripped down to his underwear, while JT dons a white tank top and white underwear too. She is caressing Vert’s face and torso. 

The $24 million white diamond that Vert got embedded on his forehead in February 2021, has also caught the attention of many fans in the pictures.

As soon as the leaked pictures from Homme magazine cover went viral, Brittany took to her twitter and posted, a sock emoji in one of her tweets. She then followed it up with another tweet writing, “LMFAO” with a laughing emoji.

Many including JT perceived the tweets as Brittany, insinuating that Vert had stuffed his briefs for the shoot.

Brittany’s tweets did not go down well with JT who started a Twitter rant.

JT started her Twitter rant saying, “All jokes aside for someone who left someone the obsession is real, move on … be happy live your life!”

In another explosive tweet the City Girls Rapper wrote, “H** would literally die to be in my shoes with the success I have! All n***a & “drip” aside I s**t on your whole fake life!

A furious JT then went on to post another tweet claiming, “B***h has nothing to show for that long pointless relationship just d**p pics & text messages! You not a baby mama wife noting move on animated grasshopper.”

Brittany is yet to respond to JT’s tweets.

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