Snoop Dogg has requested fans to send prayers while revealing that his mom has not been doing well. The rapper updated his fans with this news on Instagram. Since then, many have been wondering what happened to Snoop’s mom.

Several fans have flooded social media with prayers to Snoop’s mom. Snoop has always been vocal about his love for his mom. At the same time, the rapper has admitted that his mother has always helped him make the right decision. Amid this, the rapper seemed emotional as he uploaded an Instagram story hinting that his mother had not been doing well.

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What happened to Snoop Dogg’s mom?

Snoop has not confirmed what has happened to his mom, Beverly Tate. We will update the article once the rapper has confirmed the news. The first time that Snoop updated his fans about his mother was on May 5.

He wrote: “Sending special prayers out for my mom this morning y’all pray for her and me.” Since May 7, the rapper has uploaded several pictures with his mother. In one picture, he wrote: “A mother’s love is precious.” The picture showed Snoop placing a kiss on his mother’s cheeks.

In another post, he wrote: “need all my prayer warriors for momma right now please and thank you.” Meanwhile, in another picture, he wrote: “Mama thank u for having me could of gave me up but u raised a family.”

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Snoop also uploaded a video in which he looked emotional. He followed the video with a hashtag that read: “Pray4MommaSnoop.” Despite these posts, the rapper has not broken his silence as to what happened.

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Snoop Dogg’s relationship with his mother explored

Snoop has always been vocal about his mother’s support in his life. On Jada Smith’s Red Table Talk, Snoop revealed that his mother inspired him to apologize to CBS host Gayle King.

He said: “She didn’t say I was wrong she just said, ‘You know I raised you better than that. You’re a representation of us. Every woman that ever crossed your life, you’re a representation of that’ – so I got it.”

Following this, Snoop posted an apology video in which he said: “Two wrongs don’t make no right. When you’re wrong, you gotta fix it. So with that being said, Gayle King, I publicly apologize to you by coming at you in a derogatory manner based on emotions, me being angry at questions that you asked. “I overreacted. Should have handled it way differently than that. I was raised way better than that. So I would like to apologize to you publicly for the language that I used and calling you out of your name and just being disrespectful. I didn’t mean to be like that. I was just expressing myself for a friend that wasn’t here to defend himself.”