TikTok users in 2021 are going crazy for a bra from Target. Here’s a look at the underwear, as well as its price and availability.

It’s quite common for products to take off on TikTok. From miracle cleaning paste from The Pink Stuff to vegetable choppers and lint removers, TikTok is responsible for a lot of new product sales in 2021. Now, there’s a must-have bra trending on the social media app, so let’s find out more about the bra from Target.

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Colsie Target bra is trending on TikTok

US retailer Target is best known for providing great value for money to its customers.

However, in 2021 Target looks to be providing its shoppers with an absolute steal with their Colsie bras.

In May many TikTok users took to the platform to share their reviews and thoughts on the Target bras with many singing the bra’s praises.

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How much is the Target bra?

For anyone wishing to buy the Target bra that’s gone viral on TikTok – you’re in luck because they’re super cheap.

Bras in the Colsie range start at $7 and the most expensive one is $15.

The Seamless Bralette, priced at $7, comes in black, green and apricot colour. The Seamless Ribbed Brami costs $10 and comes in black, white and aqua. Purchase the Target bras online here.

The Colsie range also includes sports bra options as well as lace bralettes.


these need the sizes extended. Please. This product got me back into bras #targetbra #colsie

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TikTok users rave about the underwear

Many TikTokers show off their shopping hauls on the platform, however, it looks as though the viral Colsie bralettes haven’t taken off as part of someone’s shopping trip, but just as a product alone.

The $7 bras have been described as “supportive” and “soft” and a TikTok user said that “the quality is amazing for the price” on May 6th 2021.

One TikTok user said that they were: “super comfy and soft” giving the bras a “ten out of ten”.

Another described her video as “the clothing review no one asked for” as she showed off her newly purchased Target bra.

However, not everyone thinks that the bras should have broken the internet as a TikTokker writes: “They’re cool but a little over hyped”.

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