Meaning behind Sia’s chandelier song explored: TikTok users question lyrics

Prerna Nambiar

Sia released Chandelier in 2014, and several people have been wondering what’s the meaning behind the song. A TikTok user explored the lyrics and expressed his thoughts on the same.

When the song had first released, it caught the attention of many. The singer is known for bringing out her emotions in the form of songs, and she managed to do that yet again when she dropped Chandelier. Now, years later, people are rethinking what the lyrics meant due to a TikTok that has gone viral.

TikTok explores the lyrics of Sia’s Chandelier song

On May 2, TikTok user Caucasiandilf had uploaded a video that explored the lyrics of Sia’s Chandelier. In the video, the user alleged that the song is about self-farm, and it has been viewed over 1.1 million times.

Several people also seemed confused in the comment section as it was filled with mixed reactions. Some thought that the song was about hope. Meanwhile, there were others who seemed convinced that TikTok user might have got the meaning right.

In fact, some people even took it to Twitter to express their thoughts on the same.

What is the real meaning behind Sia’s Chandelier?

Sia had expressed her thoughts on the song on Genius. Sia admitted that the lyrics of the song initially talk about “suppression of fear through self-medication” and how making “party friends one’s higher power works until it doesn’t.”

However, as the song proceeds, it turns into a positive song. The lyrics read:

I’m gonna swing from the chandelier
From the chandelier
I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Like it doesn’t exist
I’m gonna fly like a bird through the night
Feel my tears as they dry

Speaking about swinging from the chandelier, Sia noted: “I’ve never actually done that, but it sounds f**king fun.” The singer even admitted that she would love to try it once, but sober.

The original lyrics imply that the speaker lets go of their sorrows and decides to enjoy life like there is no tomorrow. Meanwhile, the lyrics that talk about flying like a bird actually come from Sia’s experience in a dream.

The singer revealed she has dreamt about flying like a bird three times. Unlike what TikTok or other social media users claim, the original song is about taking control of your emotions and being free.