On May 7, Nicki Minaj’s song LLC from her 2018 album Queen hit the no.1 spot on iTunes charts. Here’s the meaning behind Nicki’s song LLC explained.

Nicki has not released any song this year, but this hasn’t stopped the celebrity from earning the No.1 spot on iTunes. LLC rose up the Hip-Hop/Rap iTunes charts after three years of its release, thanks to Minaj’s loyal fans.

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Nicki Minaj’s LLC hits no.1 spot on iTunes list 2021

Nicki’s 2018 song jumped up in the iTunes charts after her followers organized “LLC Party” on social media.

The “LLC Party” on Twitter was intended to motivate Nicki to release new music this year. It also helped to show her fans’ loyalty towards the star.

Soon over 133,000 tweets were posted mentioning the “LLC party”. Eventually, it became the No. 1 trending topic in the United States.

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Nicki’s fans who are called “Barbz” on social media encouraged others to stream and even download the song. Their incessant efforts helped propel three years old song to the top spot on the list.

Just below Nicki’s LLC, on the number two spot is Pink’s All I Know So Far and on the third spot is Coldplay’s Higher Power.

Nicki Minaj’s LLC lyrics’ meaning explained

Back in 2018, fans fell in love with Nicki’s LLC thanks to its groovy beats and explosive lyrics.

Nicki is also known for creating spunky titles for her songs.

LLC is actually a corporate term that means Limited Liability Corporation.

But many of Nicki’s fans on Twitter claim that in this case, in the LLC song, it means Low List Celebrity.

Many fans claim that through this song, Minaj is claiming that she is the real thing. She is apparently also mocking those who try to become famous by associating with her, sometimes by starting drama.

In LLC’s third verse Nicki refers to singers like Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. The lyric goes like, “All my ni—s move that Britney, Ari’, yeah, Katy too.

Nicki has collaborated with all three of them, on different songs. Her collaboration with Ariana for Side to Side was very well received. She and Katy collaborated on Katy’s song Swish Swish.

Nicki and Britney worked together to make the remix of Britney’s hit song, Till The World Ends.

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