Did you know you can buy a MrBeast Burger in the UK? Here’s where you can get one.

Back in 2020, YouTuber Mr Beast launched his own virtual restaurant chain, and it proved to be really popular.

MrBeast Burger is available in 600 locations across the USA, and a lot of people don’t know that you can actually get it in the UK too.

If you want to try one of Mr Beast’s famous patties, here’s where you’ve got to go…

MrBeast Burger

MrBeast Burger UK locations revealed

If you’re in the UK, you can get a MrBeast Burger, but there’s only one location.

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It’s in Shoreditch, London, and is located at Dirty Bones 1 Club Row, London, E16JX.

However, you can’t actually go to the restaurant. Like in America, MrBeast burger is only available for delivery.

To order a MrBeast burger, you have to do it on Deliveroo here.

MrBeast Burger on Deliveroo

What is on the menu?

The UK menu is pretty similar to in America.

You can get lots of different burgers, including the famous Beast Style, Chandler Style and Chris Style.

There’s also sandwiches, including Karls Grilled Cheese, Nashville Hot Chicken Tender Sandwich and Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich.

Oh, and we can’t forget the Beast Style Burger and Chicken Sandwich Combos!

But what about the new Dream burger?

MrBeast Burger on Deliveroo

The Dream Burger is coming to the UK

On April 26th, Mr Beast announced that the brand new Dream Burger was launching in the US in collaboration with popular YouTuber Dream.

It’s described as a “Double smash patty with American cheese, lettuce, mayo, double pickles, and extra bacon, topped with smashed avocado” and proved to be really popular.

Now, Mr Beast just announced that the new addition is launching in the UK too.

On Friday (May 7th), YouTuber James Marriott tweeted: “Was about to order from Mr Beast Burger UK but there is no Dream burger. I no longer stan Mr Beast Burger UK.”

Mr Beast then replied to the tweet: “Try again on Monday! Until then try the beast burger and tell me what you think.”

So, the Dream Burger is launching in the UK location on Monday! Get to Shoreditch to try one.

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