On Wednesday, May 5, BTS released three concept clips from their brand new single Butter. Here’s the release date and cost for BTS’ Butter vinyl.

Fast forward two days after releasing the concept clips, on May 7, the band took to its Twitter handle to reveal that fans can now pre-order the Butter digital and limited edition 7″ vinyl and cassette.

The BTS Butter Vinyl announcement seems to be the latest piece of Butter’s promo puzzle, which began with the release of promo clips and photos for the song.

BTS Butter Vinyl release date and cost

According to store.bts-butter.us, the limited edition vinyl for BTS’ new 2021 song will cost $7.98. At the moment it appears as though the shipping for the BTS’ Butter Vinyl has been limited to the US.

The website also mentions that all US sales will count towards the USA SoundScan and Billboard charts. One person is only allowed to order up to 4 pieces of vinyl.

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The vinyl will begin shipping in June 2021, which is around the time the song will release. The website, also states, the vinyl will be dispatched in line with the release date.

BTS Butter Cassette release date and cost

The limited-edition Butter Cassette from BTS costs $6.98. Same as the vinyl the cassette will start shipping in June 2021, in line with the single’s release.

Butter will be BTS’ second English-language song. The band had released its first English song Dynamite in 2020. In the days following its release, it had debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Dynamite had made BTS the first all-South Korean group to lead the Billboard chart.

Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

The scintillating concept clips from BTS’ Butter song

On Wednesday, May 5, the South Korean band released three concept clips from their new 2021 song. The clips star, J-Hope, Jimin and V respectively.

In the first clip, we see  J-Hope mesmerized by a yellow lollipop before it drops on to the floor. Naturally, the lollipop breaks and a pulsating rhythm plays in the background.

In the second clip, Jimin opens an orange soda bottle and takes some refreshing sips while grooving to the music.

The third clip features V snacking on gummies. He tries to throw them in the air and catches them in his mouth. But he finally ends up spilling the entire box on purpose.

The official release date for BTS’ new 2021 song, Butter is May 21.