Jake Paul has just got a new tattoo to honour the moment he stole Floyd Mayweather’s hat at last night’s press conference.

On June 6th, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is set to take on Logan Paul at the Hard Rock Stadium in Florida, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the much-anticipated event.

Ahead of the match, Floyd just got into a heated feud with Logan’s brother Jake which was ignited when he stole his hat.

Now, Jake has honoured the brawl by getting a new tattoo, and I bet you can guess what it’s of.

Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Jake Paul steals Floyd Mayweather’s hat

During a promotional news conference for Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s upcoming fight last night, things got heated between Floyd and Jake Paul.

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Whilst at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, the YouTuber grabbed the boxing legend’s white hat and said “gotcha hat” which started a physical fight.

Jake then ran away with his hat, but Floyd followed, and the pair began squaring up to each other and throwing punches before security intervened and broke them up.

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Jake has honoured the moment with a tattoo

Just hours after the scuffle, Jake took to Instagram to show off his brand new tattoo.

In a series of photos and videos that’s already been liked over 500,000 times, Jake revealed that he got the words “gotcha hat” and a photo of a baseball cap tattooed onto his right calf.

Now, Jake has got a reminder of his feud with Floyd Mayweather on his body forever, and it’ll be interesting to see what Floyd makes of that.

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Fans react to Jake Paul’s tattoo

Fans have been taking to Twitter to react to Jake Paul’s new tattoo, and some people think it’s totally hilarious, but others are concerned about Floyd Mayweather’s reaction.

One person wrote: “I hate Jake Paul with every fiber of my being.. but getting a tattoo of “gotcha hat” after starting a brawl between Floyd’s crew.. is hilarious.”

This Jake Paul guy is a dead man, he really went and got a tattoo saying ‘gotcha hat’…..Mayweather is gonna murder himmmm,” said another.

A third person wrote: “Jake Paul really went and got a hat tattoo that quick. Clout hit hardddd.”

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