Everyone on TikTok is calling out a guy called Dr Chomo right now. Who is he? And what did he do?

With over a quarter of a billion users, Discord is one of the most popular ways to communicate online.

The instant messaging platform consists of online communities where people with the same interests can communicate with text messaging, voice calls, video calls, media and files.

This week, TikTok users are exposing a guy who allegedly deleted one of the biggest LGBT communities on Discord.

He’s called Dr Chomo, and here’s exactly what’s going on.

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Who is Dr Chomo?

Dr Chomo is a TikTok user who has the account name @drchomo.

His account has now been deleted and no longer exists on the app.

Nobody knows who he actually is, or where he comes from, he’s just a mystery internet user, and here’s why he’s going viral on TikTok right now.

What did Dr Chomo do?

The mystery guy called Dr Chomo is a hot topic of conservation on TikTok this week.

TikTok users are claiming that he allegedly infiltrated and deleted a popular LGBT discord server, which is an online community made up of LGBT people.

According to people on TikTok, he allegedly pretended to be a member of the LGBT community for over two years and became so well known on the server that he actually became its admin.

Then, he proceeded to allegedly block every single member from the discord and delete it permanently.

Now, the discord server cannot be recovered.

He allegedly admitted it in this video

So, how do people on TikTok know all of this?

Well, Dr Chomo posted a video admitting to doing so. When his account was deleted, so was the video, but copies of it still remain on the app.

In the clip, Dr Chomo wrote on the screen: “Pretending to be LGBT for 2.5 years to delete the biggest discord.”

In the background, an audio plays that says “I won. I tricked everyone.”

Will we ever find out who Dr Chomo actually is? Probably not. Do we know whether he’s actually telling the truth about infiltrating the LGBT discord server? No.

But it’s certainly caused a lot of drama on TikTok!

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