On May 3, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates announced their divorce, Amid this, people became curious about his ex-girlfriend, Ann Winblad, but who is Ann’s husband, Edward Alex Klein? Here’s a look at their married life.

The news about Bill and Melinda’s divorce came as a shock to many. The pair had been married for 27 years. Amid their divorce announcement, the pair assured everyone that the Foundation will not be harmed. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the world’s largest charitable foundations.

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Who is Ann Winblad’s husband Edward Alex Klein?

Ann is married to San Francisco private investigator Edward Alex Kline, who likes to be known as Alex Klein. He is also the younger brother of famous American actor Kevin Kline. Unlike Bill and Melinda’s relationship, Ann and Alex only got married six years ago.

As a private investigator, he looks into cases revolving around deaths and disappearances. At the same time, he also has a keen interest in municipal bond fraud and civil rights violations, as per Standford Magazine. The outlet further notes that Alex usually practices pretrial research and corporate investigation method for his cases.

He also has his own company named ‘Alex Kline Investigation and Research Service.’ His LinkedIn bio reads: “I run a full-service private investigation agency. With over 35 years experience in a wide variety of investigative areas, Alex Kline Investigation & Research Service assists law firms, attorneys, government agencies, corporate clients, and individuals with virtually any issue requiring investigative knowledge and experience.”

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At first, Alex had majored in human biology. Later, he studied law for a year at the University of Colorado-Boulder. However, he decided to change his career and chose private investigator as his new profession.

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Ann Winblad and Edward Alex Klein’s married life explored

Unfortunately, not a lot is known about Ann and Alex’s relationship. It is possible that Alex likes to keep his personal life away from the limelight due to the nature of his work.

Even Ann has not spoken a lot about their relationship. The only thing known to the public is that the pair wed six years ago. At the moment, it is unclear how the two met.

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