Celebrities like Billie Eilish, Kylie Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have made it to the ‘Top 20 most-liked Instagram posts’ list.

Instagram currently dominates the world of social media. The photo-sharing app has become an integral part of life for many of its users.

While getting many likes and followers on the platform is difficult for many, it is a cakewalk for celebrities.

Top 20 most liked Instagram posts

Dwayne Johnson ties the knot

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Hollywood’s most desirable bachelor The Rock’s wedding was a hushed affair. The star got hitched in long time girlfriend and singer Lauren Hashian in 2019.

However, his wedding picture caused quite a splash on social media. The picture has amassed over 14.4 million likes so far.

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The adorable video where Kylie lies down on Stormi lap

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Kylie Jenner is the reigning queen of Instagram. She took to her Insta handle on October 2, 2020, and posted a video with daughter Stormi.

Kylie lay on Stormi’s lap and the 3-year-old is seen putting her hand gently over Kylie’s head. The cuteness overloaded video has racked up 57 million views and 14.5 million likes.

Stormi takes a bubble bath

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Kylie posted a picture of Stormi while taking a bubble bath on March 27, 2020. The caption read, “this pic makes me happy.”

Looks like the picture made many fans happy alongside momma Kylie because it has over 15.3 million likes.

Lebron James’ heartbreaking farewell to Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant’s death left the world in a state of shock. His friend and fellow sportsman Lebron James took to his Instagram in January 2020 to bid farewell to the deceased NBA star.

The picture has gathered 15.4 million likes so far.

Double Tap to plant a tree

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Shared by Ten Tree a sustainable product’s brand on April 22, 2019, the picture has over 15.4 million likes.

The image says ‘Double Tap to Plant a Tree.” The brand claims that they plant ten trees for every item purchased.

Billie Eilish’ iconic British Vogue photoshoot #1

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Kylie might be the reigning queen of social media, but Billie is the reigning queen of this list. She is the only celebrity to be featured six times on this list.

Her latest photoshoot for British Vogue features the pop star in a provocative black dress. Billie shared the picture only 2 days ago and it has already amassed over 15.7 million likes.

Ariana Grande’s engagement post

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Ariana broke the internet on December 20, 2020 with her engagement post. The star posted five pictures featuring fiance Dalton Gomez and her engagement ring.

The photos have amassed over 15.7 million likes.

The post with blonde Billie Eilish in it

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While fans love her for her music, her personality and her gothy and dark look, Billie is now rocking the blonde look. A bunch of her latest Instagram posts feature her new blonde avatar.

Her April 20 picture has gathered over 15.8 million likes.

Kylie wishes Happy Birthday to baby daddy Travis Scott

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Fans were swooning over Kylie Insta post on April 30, 2020, when she wished her baby daddy Travis Scott on his birthday.

The post featured pictures and videos of Stormi, Travis and Kylie together. The post has over 15.9 million likes.

Billie Eilish’ iconic British Vogue photoshoot #2

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Featuring on this list again is another picture from Billie’s iconic vogue shoot. This time the 19-year-old stunned her look donning a rose pink coloured custom corset and a skin-coloured latex skirt.

Posted on 2 days ago, the picture already has over 16 million likes.

Messi’s farewell post for Maradona

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Messi remembered legendary footballer Diego Maradona, after his death, in his November 25 Instagram post.

The post has amassed over 16.4 million likes.

Jennifer Aniston’s reunion picture with Friends cast

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The first-ever post on Jennifer Aniston’s account was her reunion picture with the Friends cast.

The iconic Insta post has 16.4 likes.

Billie Eilish rocking the blonde locks again

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On March 21, Billie posted a picture gracing the internet with her blonde bun. The post has 18.3 million likes.

Kylie and Stormi reign over Instagram again

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One of Kylie’s first post featuring Stormi was from February 2018. The post features Stormi sleeping while her little fingers are wrapped around Kylie’s thumb.

The post has close to 18.5 million likes.

Chadwick Boseman’s family announces his passing

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On August 29, 2020, Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman’s family announced that the actor had passed away.

The family revealed the heartbreaking news with a monochrome picture of the star. The post has 19.2 million likes.

Cristiano Ronaldo bids farewell to Diego Maradona

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The football star bid farewell to Diego Maradona in a heartfelt Insta post in November 2020.

Cristiano shared a monochrome picture featuring him and Deigo. The post has 19.8 million likes.

Billie Eilish’s iconic British Vogue cover #3

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Out of all her British Vogue pictures this one amassed the most number of likes.

The post features Billie in a custom trench coat and stunning corset. With over 21 million views, it is one of the most liked pictures on the internet so far.

More of Billie’s blonde locks

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Featuring on this list for the sixth time, Billie’s blonde hair is ruling the internet right now. This post has over 22.8 million likes.

Rapper XXXTentacion’s last Instagram post before his death

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The top 2 most liked Instagram post is Rapper XXXTentacion’s last Insta post. The upside down picture features the rapper in braided hair.

The picture has over 24.3 million likes.

The Egg on Instagram that took away all the spotlight

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Beating all the top stars on this list is an Egg. Not to be underestimated, this Egg post on Instagram has beaten every one on this list by a huge margin. It stands alone and proud at over 55 million likes.

The post is up on an account named ‘World Record Egg.’ The owner of this picture is Chris Godfrey.

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