Twitter has been buzzing with the news that Ash Kaashh’s Ashaley is dead. However, it is just a social media hoax that is going around. Here’s a look at how the death hoax started.

This is not the first time that a death hoax has taken over social media. In the past, people like Drake, Bill Clinton, and others have been a victim of this. Recently, a rumor about Ash Kaashh started spreading on social media and got her fans worried.

Ash Kaashh death hoax debuked

The hoax about Ash Kaashh’s Ashaley’s death started due to a picture that has been going around on the internet. The picture shows that her Instagram account has been “memorialized.”

The picture further notes: “Remembering Ashaley. This account has been memorialized. Memorialized accounts are a place to remember and celebrate someone’s life after they’ve passed away.”

The post seems believable because the post shows Ashaley’s official account in the background. However, if you check her Instagram, it functions as per normal and this message does not pop up.

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It is likely that someone made a fake picture and spread it on social media. At the moment, it is unclear who did it.

Who is Ash Kaashh a.k.a Ashaley?

Ash Kaash is an Instagram model who also has her own health and beauty business. At the moment, Ash has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, her brand ‘Heavens Essential’ has over 3k followers.

Even though Ash has a large social media following, she does not post many content. As of now, she only has 56 pictures posted on her social media. However, Ash does often update her Instagram stories.

Her last Instagram story showed her promoting Cash Clout along with other posts.

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What is Ash Kaashh’s net worth?

As per Star Grab, Ash has an estimated net worth of $700k. Most of her earnings come from her own health and wellness business along with other sponsorships from brands.

Ash had also joined TikTok. However, her account is currently deactivated. The reason behind this is not known at the moment. As for Ash’s personal life, the Instagram model has often stayed tight-lipped about her relationship. As per the reports, she is currently single.

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