New episodes of Mayans MC season 3 have been airing since March 16th but just when is episode 10 on FX and how many episodes are there in total?

Season 3 of Mayans MC has been one of the show’s most enthralling and explosive yet.

New episodes have been airing since March 16th and May 4th sees episode 9 arrive on our screens.

However, following the conclusion of episode 9, fans have been left asking when episode 10 of Mayans MC season 3 will be airing on FX and how many episodes the season will feature in total.

Mayans MC season 3 on FX

Mayans MC returned to FX for season 3 on March 16th, 2021.

To kick off the new season, two new episodes aired on March 16th, refamiliarising viewers with Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes and his place in the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

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The season started with a border shutdown which sees the Mayans’ heroin trade grind to a halt causing tensions within the club to rise which EZ looks to exploit in order to increase his standing.


When is episode 10?

  • Episode 10 of Mayans MC season 3 airs on FX at 10pm ET/PT on Tuesday, May 11th.

If you’re unable to watch the live broadcast on FX, episode 10 will also be added to Hulu on May 12th with the new episode becoming available at 3:01am PT and 6:01am ET.

On top of that, fans can also watch new episodes on the FX website if they sign in using their TV provider.


How many episodes in total?

  • Season 3 of Mayans MC will consist of 10 episode in total.

That’s right, the upcoming episode will be the final chapter in season 3, making it a must-watch after the thrilling season we’ve been watching through.

The 10-episode season length comes as little surprise as each season of Mayans so far has been 10 episodes long.

Thankfully, Mayans fans won’t be left waiting to know if the show will return as season 4 was already confirmed on May 3rd, the day before episode 9 was due to air.

The exact release date for season 4 has not been announced but it is slated to arrive in 2022 according to Deadline.


Season 3 of Mayans MC concludes on Tuesday, May 11th on FX.