Arsenal fans hold up a banner for owner Stan Kroenke (REUTERS)

Graeme Souness told Super Sunday on Sky Sports that Arsenal and Tottenham’s owners are at these clubs to ‘get a turn out of it’.

As the drama at Old Trafford was unfolding over the weekend, talk turned to ownership of football clubs, including those at Liverpool, Spurs and Arsenal.

GOOD RIDDANCE: HITC Slam European Super League Again

GOOD RIDDANCE: HITC Slam European Super League Again
HITC Sport (Youtube)

Arsenal fans have protested against their owner, Stan Kroenke, and wanting the American to sell up, whilst Spurs have also been very critical of Joe Lewis and chairman, Daniel Levy.

Souness thinks these owners have an ‘exit strategy’ mapped out and the recent European Super League being debunked has put that back.

“The way I see it, the owners of this club (Man United), the owners of Liverpool, the owners of Arsenal and the owner of Tottenham,” said Souness.

“They are basically in these football clubs to get a turn out of it. The exit strategy was always in the back of their mind. But they don’t know when that exact date is.

“That date was brought forward if this Super League was allowed to stand and be formed.”

OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

Man United’s postponed game against Liverpool is just a sign of what frustrated and angry fans can do.

This is just the start of supporters being unhappy about how their clubs are being run and how the power has been well and truly shifted away from them.

And whilst both Tottenham and Arsenal fans would want their owners out of the door, more than likely, given their stubbornness and difficulty of selling a club. They will probably still be in charge in 18 months time.

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