On May 3. several users on TikTok complained about their followers getting deleted. They noticed TikTok said they had 0 followers and were following 0. Can this glitch be fixed?

TikTok had managed to become a big platform where several people often share content. Users have been experiencing this problem for a while now. Some even wondered if this was a sign that TikTok was shutting down. Several people took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the glitch.

Users complain about TikTok showing 0 followers

Twitter was flooded with comments about TikTok being down. Some even complained that the glitch had been there for a long time. The only complaint made by the users is that the platform shows they have 0 followers and are following 0 people.

Some comments on Twitter read: “Please get it together cause ppl are upset they’re experiencing a glitch where they’re having 0 followers and 0 followings,” “please sort your app out it keeps asking me for my birthday and saying I have 0 followers please sort this out asap.”

Another added: “Why does everyone’s TikTok account say 0 followers 0 likes and 0 followings?? Is everyone getting banned?”

At the moment, the hashtag “tiktokdown” has been used over 10k times.

Can this glitch be fixed?

Luckily, Tiktok has taken care of this glitch. The platform confirmed this on their official Twitter page. The tweet read: “We’re aware of an issue that is causing some accounts’ Following and/or Followers count to appear as zero. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this.”

They also confirmed that the issue has been fixed as the tweet further added: “This issue has now been resolved. Your Following/Follower count display should be back to normal. Thanks for bearing with us!”

In case your TikTok still shows 0 followers, we suggest you try logging in once again. Since the platform has already fixed the glitch, the followers should be back to normal.

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