If you have made it through today, May 4th, without someone saying ‘May the fourth be with you,’ then congratulations! Everyone has been cracking the Star Wars joke, and now fans want to know what to expect for tomorrow.

For Star Wars Day, fans often choose to celebrate by watching Star Wars films, or by playing video games and wearing merchandise. But prepare to swing your light sabres for the return of the dark side tomorrow.

Read on to find out what Revenge of the 5th means and what Star Wars fans think to the day of the Dark Side.

What is Revenge of the 5th?

  • The fifth of May is celebrated as the second Star Wars Day and is called Revenge of the 5th. It is used to celebrate the Dark Side, whereas May 4th is used to celebrate the Jedi.

Because it immediately follows Star Wars Day, Revenge of the Fifth is supposed to be a day for fans to pass onto the Dark Side. The title of one of the Star Wars films, Revenge of the Sith, sounds a bit like Revenge of the fifth…so it all makes sense.

Although some fans believe that having the Dark Side day on May 6th and calling it ‘Revenge of the Sixth’ would make more sense because the number sounds a bit more like ‘sith’. However, May the 5th has stuck due to it being the day after the first Star Wars day, so the space adventure party can roll into a second day.

It is suggested that the concept of Revenge of the Fifth first emerged after the first official Star Wars day in 2011 at the Toronto Underground Cinema. The event was so successful that fans wanted to extend the fun and came up with the idea of “Revenge of the Fifth” to celebrate the Dark Side too.

Star Wars fans react to May’s day of the Dark Side!

Some ‘nerdlings’ think it is the 5th Awaken

Star Wars stream after stream

Don’t overdo it the celebrations continue tomorrow!

Even teachers are sticking to Star Wars

It is just around the corner…

For tomorrow, the 5th be it.

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