On May 3, Amador released a YouTube video titled ‘The lies must be stopped.’ Here’s a look at the drama between Paeka and Amador that started on TikTok.

This video comes days after Paeka and Gero got engaged in a TikTok drama of their own. The two shed some light on their relationship where both of them alleged that cheating was involved. Their responses had their fans confused. Amid this, Paeka’s name was also involved with Amador.

Paeka and Amador drama explained

The drama between Amador and Paeka started due to a comment made by him on TikTok. Before this, Paeka and Amador had been hanging out and making content for their social media.

Amador had posted a dance video with Paeka on TikTok. However, he had taken it down after some time. The dance video caught the attention of many. Following this, Amador had posted a similar dance video, but this time, with another female friend.

In his comment section, one user asked: “How come you didn’t grab her like you did Miss Paeka.” To this, Amador replied: “Cuz Ms. P wanted me to grab her like that.” This was captured by a TikTok user named teaspillerxd8.

The video also caught Paeka’s attention as she commented: “Lmao um?? False.” Following this, several people slammed Amdor for lying and making things up. His comment section was filled with negative comments as they called him out for lying.


Amador’s YouTube video explored

Following the backlash, Amador decided to release a video of his own explaining what had happened. He titled the video “the lies must be stopped.” In the video that is over 14 minutes, Amador talks about his time with Paeka and adds alleged proof that claimed he was not lying about what he said in the comment section.

He ended the video by asking Paeka to tell the truth. As of now, the YouTuber has not commented on this.

Why did Gero and Paeka split?

Gero and Paeka never revealed the reason behind their split. The two recently alleged there was cheating involved while trying to clear their name. Due to this, fans have been left divided.

In the TikTok video, Paeka had said she would be releasing a video soon to explain the drama with Gero. It is unclear if she will talk about the drama involving Amador.

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