Colony season 4 confirmed? Netflix audiences are checking out season 3, but has the USA Network series already been cancelled?

There are many great things about Netflix.

The streaming service unveils movies regularly, delivers a wealth of exciting new series and caters to fans of all genres. However, some would argue that the best thing about the streamer is that it provides the opportunity to check out less recent and more overlooked gems.

One show that audiences may have missed on its original run but watched on Netflix is Colony.

Created by Carlton Cuse and Ryan J. Condal, this American sci-fi drama premiered on USA Network in January 2016 and has ran for three seasons so far, with Netflix audiences recently being invited to binge season 3 in 2021.

But, is Colony season 4 confirmed or is the series cancelled?

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Netflix: Colony season 4 confirmed?

  • Colony was cancelled by USA Network in July 2018, the same month that the season 3 finale aired.

So, there is no reason to expect a season 4 of the series.

No concrete reason has been officially confirmed in regards to the cancellation. However, Scoop Byte includes that viewership had declined and they also address that a production relocation may have factored into the decision.

New audiences checking out season 3 on Netflix may feel disappointed with episode 13 – titled ‘What Goes Around’ – knowing that no follow-up or conclusion is on the way. So, with that in mind, it’s worth asking…

How would Colony have ended if more seasons had been greenlit?

Josh Holloway on the ending of Colony


Speaking with Collider back in 2020, Josh Holloway (who plays Will Bowman) was asked about the cliffhanger and whether the team had plans mapped out for the rest of the story.

Indeed, it was discussed by the creators and the 51-year-old actor shared his insight:

“Yes, they had a plan through Season 5, and we were all, of course, pretty bummed. Artistically, you bring a character to life like that and you want some redemption and some closure with it. So, it was about to be the big war. He was gonna be shot up to space and altered in a Jason Bourne kind of way, and come back as a bad-ass and have the big war.”

He added: “And then, Wayne Brady’s character had a redemption plan for the whole world, so that we would reset the world. It was a great ending. They had it all planned, but they didn’t get to do it. He got shot up to space in a rubber diaper. That’s how we got to end. Fantastic!”

Renew Colony for season 4 petition

Although the series was cancelled a few years ago, there is still a petition that can be signed called ‘Bring Colony back for Season 4’.

It currently has just over 40,000 signatures and audiences are signing it to this day.

Colony seasons 1 – 3 are now available on Netflix.

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