Experts claim the new weight loss dance on TikTok might be dangerous. Find out does user ‘Janny14906’s’ viral weight loss dance help to lose fat.

Lately, a dance video has been going viral on the internet. The video which is being hailed as the ‘weight loss dance on TikTok’ features a dance routine created by a user Janny14906.

In a matter of just a few days, the video has garnered thousands of views and likes. The user behind it claims that it is a perfect ab routine and helps lose belly fat. However, recent reports are claiming otherwise.

Does the viral weight loss dance on TikTok work?

In the viral video, Janny claims that the exercise will “reduce the abdomen. However, a recent report has claimed that the TikTok weight loss dance is nothing but a mere myth.

In her recent interview with Insider personal trainer, Sohee Lee stated, that there are no specific exercises that give people a flat stomach.

Experts warn the weight loss dance is ineffective

The personal trainer further explained that while exercising and movement, in general, is always beneficial, but doing one kind of exercise to achieve a certain aesthetic isn’t healthy in the long run.

The expert also stated that there is no quick fix when it comes to losing fat or building abs if one disregards nutrition, drinking water, or a full night’s sleep.

Furthermore, Sirin Atceken, who is a psychologist at WeCure Healthcare Consultancy revealed that online fitness trends like TikTok’s weight loss dance can be dangerous.

The psychologist stated that many times these trends set unrealistic standards of physical shape and beauty. Blindly following some of them can also cause injury.

Janny14906’s videos on TikTok

The TikTok user behind the famous viral weight loss dance, Janny appears to be a trainer. She has posted numerous videos on her TikTok handle featuring dances and routines claiming that they can help women become “skinny.”

Janny’s videos feature many women and men dancing and exercising alongside her. Almost all of her TikTok videos feature the caption, “As long as you enjoy the skinny come together.”

Many of her videos have garnered over hundreds and thousands of views.

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