Several people have been wondering if Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K. are dating after they shared PDA-filled pictures on Instagram. Some questioned the relationship as Andrew is married to Cherie Lily and others wondered if they got divorced.

Kat has always been private about her personal life, and her recent pictures with Andrew came as a shock to many. The Two Broke Girls star had a series of pictures on her Instagram. Andrew did the same on his Instagram. However, some are still confused about what their relationship is all about.

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Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K. dating rumor explored

At first, the pictures will have everyone convinced that the pair are together. Kat shared a picture of Andrew and captioned it with a heart. In another picture, Andrew was kissing Kat on her forehead. She captioned the picture as “Oh haaaaaaaayyyyyyy.”

While several people questioned the relationship, some seemed to be convinced they were dating because Kat and Andrew shared a picture of them kissing. The picture was shared on Andrew’s Instagram stories. Following this, Kat shared the same in her stories along with a heart.

To add to this, Kat even added a link to Andrew’s online shop on her Instagram bio. All these gave rise to the speculation that the two might be dating.

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Why fans think Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K. may not be dating

As believable as everything seems, some fans have questions about their relationship status. To begin with, some pointed out that Andrew is married to Cherie. Andrew and Cherie got married in 2008 and have performed together on several occasions.

Even though there are pictures of Andrew and Kat, fans also pointed out that the singer never confirmed his split. To add to this, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Kat and Andrew follow Cherie on Instagram. At the same time, Cherie also follows Kat and Andrew on her page.

Some fans found it hard to believe that Andrew and Kat could be dating when things between him and Cherie seem fine.

Are Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K. really dating?

While the pictures seem to hint that they are, we cannot confirm this at the moment as neither Andrew nor Cherie have spoken about their relationship. We will update this article once there is a confirmation.

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