Kim Kardashian has a new look! With bleached eyebrows and blond hair, Twitter can’t stop reacting to it. Some even think she looks like Jeffree Star. Here’s a look at what people have been saying.

On April 30, Kim shocked the world as she shared pictures of her new look. If you have been keeping up with her, you wouldn’t be too surprised to see the reality star showing off her new avatar. However, this look happened to surprise quite a few as they hadn’t seen anything like this before.

Kim Kardashian’s new look explored

Kim had shared the picture of her new look on her Twitter. The reality star had been shooting for a project that she did not reveal to her fans. She captioned the picture as “Today’s bleached brows for a special shoot.”

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star had shared her eyebrow bleaching process on her Instagram stories. Once it was done, Kim admitted that the bleached eyebrows looked “cute.” She went on to show the final look to her Instagram followers as well.

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In another Instagram story, Kim showed that she was back to her normal look as she posted a mirror selfie.

Twitter reacts to Kim Kardashian’s look

Even though Kim is back to her old look, people can’t stop reacting to her bleached eyebrows and blond hair picture. Some even compared her to Jeffree Star.

One user wrote: “Kim Kardashian bleached her eyebrows and now that’s gonna be the next biggest trend and I am not looking forward to it.” Another added: “Okay not a kardashian stan but this look is everything. I don’t ever want to see Kim Kardashian with eyebrows again.”

Meanwhile, others compared her to Jeffree and RuPaul as one user wrote: “not y’all saying y’all see Kim K turning into Jeffree Star to win Kanye back i kindve see him ngl but I see RuPaul too.”

Another added: “Not Kim K tryna turn into Jeffree Star. Please one’s enough.” Jeffree also responded to everyone comparing Kim’s new look to his.

He tweeted: “Time to log off for the day” in response to a tweet that read: “She turning into Jeffree star to win back Kanye.”

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