Karl Jacobs has issued an apology after being ‘cancelled’ on Twitter. The YouTuber was criticized for his connections with Ice Poseidon. Here’s a look at who is Ice Poseidon, and the drama that followed.

The YouTuber apologized for his past actions in a Livestream. Several people have mixed reactions to the same. The apology came hours after Karl was called out on Twitter after a thread emphasized his connections to Ice Poseidon.

Who is Ice Poseidon?

Ice Poseidon, whose real name is Paul Denino, is a American internet personality and a Live streamer. He posts most of his content on his YouTube channel. At the moment, he has over 746k followers.

Apart from Live streaming, his YouTube channel also focuses on Live vlogs, travel, and adventure. Paul also has a large following on his Instagram. At present, he has over 53k followers.

Unlike his YouTube, Paul tends to post pictures from his personal life on Instagram. In 2020, Paul released a statement after being banned on Twitch. The apology video came three years after the ban.

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In it, he said: “Three years ago I was banned on Twitch for enabling a toxic community. That toxic community affected the industry, myself, my friends, and other creators. For that I am sorry. I have learned a lot over the past couple of years as a streamer. With experience comes maturity and with maturity comes a different mindset.” Paul is still banned on the platform.

Drama that got Karl Jacobs ‘cancelled’

Several people started calling out Karl after they found out the YouTuber was a big fan of Ice Poseidon. Amid this, others brought in antisemitism accusations. Karl denied this in his apology.

After staying silent for a while, Karl decided to address the social media buzz. In it, he shed some light on few things while apologizing for others.

Karl Jacobs’ apology explored

Karl decided to distance himself from Ice Poseidon and made it clear that he had no connections to the YouTuber. He said: “There are threads going out there that I’ve associated with a streamer, a prominent streamer, that is currently known for a lot of bad stuff, like racism, any phobia you could think of. I just want to make it clear, a million percent, I don’t condone anything I’ve done. I hope that’s clear; that’s just not who I am as a person.”

He continued: “That’s just never who I wanted to be. I just never want anyone to associate that kind of garbage with me because it’s not true. I’m sorry that I made anyone uncomfortable because I understand that. I am sorry that I’ve upset people. I know I have; I appreciate you guys a lot for hearing it out, at least. “

Karl also addressed anti-Semitism as he said: “One more thing I want to give context for. There’s a clip going around discussing antisemitism, which is something I’m very not okay with. I know there was a Jackbox joke that went around a long time ago. I was genuinely sorry about that. “

In his Livestream, Karl went on to apologize for his behavior and assured his fans that he did not mean any harm.

Ice Poseidon responds to Karl Jacobs

Ice Poseidon was not happy about Karl’s apology and accused him of starting a “witch-hunt” in a series of tweets. He wrote: “So, Karl is causing a witchhunt against me in front of millions of people because he hung out with me on a Youtube stream when he was a fan, yet I’m still banned on twitch lol. I can’t believe he doubled down on this…Karl here’s some advice because you’re young.”

The YouTuber went on to give Karl some advise and asked him not to let “toxic fans” to push him around. Karl is yet to respond to these comments.

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