The first season of Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You may have concluded, but will the popular anime return for season 2 and if so, when?

2020 was pretty rough on everyone, but Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You was been there to provide that much needed light-hearted entertainment.

Countless fans around the world fell in love with the anime and its characters, which is arguably one of the ‘cutest’ series of the year.

The first season concluded in late-December, but will Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You return for a second season and if so, when?

Will there be a season 2 of Tonikawa?

  • At the time of writing, Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You has not been renewed for a second season by either Seven Arcs, Crunchyroll or Media Plus.

Whilst there may not be an official announcement regarding the future of Tonikawa, fans shouldn’t panic just yet. Anime renewals are usually dependent on two factors; popularity and source material.

Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You has become a fan-favourite series since it debuted in early-October and is arguably one of the better Crunchyroll originals of the year. Currently, the anime is scoring a 4/5 on Anime Planet, 7.8/10 on IMDB, 8.03/10 on My Anime List and 4.8/5 on Crunchyroll – easily popular enough to warrant a second season.


Then we have the source material, which in this case comes from the manga series. At the time of writing, 14 volumes of the manga series have been published (with the latest volume releasing the same day as the anime finale).

According to Monsters & Critics, season 1 will conclude by wrapping up the 47th chapter of the manga – which is around the end of volume 5. This means there is plenty of source material left to adapt into at least one, if not two, more seasons of the anime.

However, it has been announced that Tonikawa: Over The Moon for You will get a special OVA episode that will release on August 18th, 2021.

Tonikawa season 2 release date…

With the anime yet to be officially renewed, a release date for season 2 has not been confirmed. However, we can make some predictions based on the production schedule from season 1 – assuming the series is renewed.

The series was announced in early-March 2020 and debuted in early-October, meaning it took roughly seven months to produce.

Assuming that season 2 would experience a similar production schedule, fans could be able to tune into the premiere in Fall 2021.

However, with confirmation that we are getting the OVA in August, fans shouldn’t expect the series (if renewed) to return until Winter 2022.

This article will be updated as soon as more information on Tonikawa: Over The Moon For You season 2 is officially revealed.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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