Fans are counting down to the premiere of Vekaal Saab, but what time will the highly-anticipated movie release on Amazon Prime Video?

We are only a matter of hours away from the premiere of Vekaal Saab.

A movie that countless fans have been waiting to see, the highly-anticipated Vekaal Saab is due to premiere this week on Amazon Prime.

So, what time will Vekaal Saab release on the OTT streaming platform?

Vakeel Saab: Release date

Vakeel Saab is due to release on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, April 30th.

The movie was originally scheduled to release in theatres on May 15th, but this was delayed until April 9th.

Following the surge of COVID cases, the movie only released theatrically in certain regions, but the production team were quick to reassure fans that Vakeel Saab would be available soon.

The digital broadcasting rights were then sold to Amazon, who set a new release date for April 30th.

Vakeel Saab: Release time

  • At the time of writing, Vakeel Saab is expected to release on Amazon Prime Video at 12 AM IST on Friday, April 30th.

Amazon Prime Video typically release new content according to the time in the United States, but it appears that the streaming service will premiere the new movie early; no one is complaining here!

This time has been reported by multiple news and streaming outlets, but may be subject to change.

Vakeel Saab: How to watch

It appears that the movie will only be available to watch through Amazon Prime Video and it remains unlikely that Vakeel Saab will release on sites such as Netflix or Disney Hotstar.

This article will be updated if any of the described information is officially altered.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]