Taylor Swift April 30th theories are circulating online. The singer is well-known for dropping Easter eggs and some fans think she’s releasing a new album soon. Here’s everything we know about April 30th so far.

In 2020, Taylor Swift released her eighth studio album, Folklore.

Soon after, fans began scouring Taylor’s work and social media posts for more clues about her next album, discovering the word “Woodvale” in one of her album images. This was believed to be the title of her next album.

Swift later shut down the theory, claiming “Woodvale” was just a codename for Folklore, but since then, fans have been speculating on when her next album will arrive.

So, what’s the significance of April 30th, and why is it a date circled in every Swifties’ calendar?

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Why is April 30th important?

That’s the date fans think a new album is coming, as it fits the time frame Taylor Swift seems to be working on.

Her album Evermore was released 140 days after Folklore.

And it just so happens that April 30th is exactly 140 days after the release of Evermore

A large section of the fandom is convinced that the timing is too much of a coincidence to not be real, concluding that a new album is coming on April 30th.

Will Taylor Swift’s new album be released on April 30th?

As well as the timings, an Easter egg in Swift’s ‘Cowboy Like Me’ lyric video also has people thinking a new album is arriving on April 30th.

As people know, Taylor loves dropping clues. In the video, a clock can be seen showing the time 4:30.

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4:30 could also be read as a date (4/30), or April 30th.

Interestingly, the date 4/30/21 also adds up to 10 (4+3+0+2+1).

The next new album she releases will be her 10th.

Of course, there’s nothing concrete about a new album release, and Taylor is yet to announce anything herself, but the April 30th theories certainly make a lot of sense.

Fans have noticed Taylor Swift’s use of 3 emojis in social media posts

A fan on TikTok pointed out that there might be “something up” with Swift’s tweets, pointing out that she has continued to use three emojis in recent posts.

This, they theorise, is evidence pointing towards a ‘trilogy’.

Swift also said the word “well” three times in an April 16 tweet, highlighting a potential upcoming trilogy, but this could just be speculation.

The theories appear to stack up, but a new album could still be a while away.

Swift has already released the first clip of her re-recording of “Wildest Dreams” from 1989, so releasing that re-recording album next could be the most obvious move.

Taylor Swift releases new video for “The Best Day (Taylor’s Version)”

Following the news around April 30th, Taylor did release the music video for “The Best Day (Taylor’s Version)”.

As part of her first rerelease album Fearless, the music video shows lots of home video footage of Swift’s early years.

Originally released in 2008, the song was written by Swift as a surprise for her mother at Christmas. The clips feature much of the same content from the lyric video released two weeks ago.

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