Snowfall season 4 has been essential viewing on FX but will there be an episode 11? How many episodes are there in total?

Snowfall has been must-watch TV since it returned to FX for season 4 back in February.

The season has been full of plenty of twists and turns and viewers have not been able to get enough of Franklin Saint’s latest exploits.

But following the climactic events of episode 10, fans have been left asking if Snowfall season 4 will return for episode 11?


Snowfall season 4 on FX

Snowfall season 4 began airing on FX with a double-bill on February 24th, 2021 and episodes have followed weekly since.

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Season 4 takes place in 1985 and sees Franklin and his crack cocaine-dealing crew starting to become aware of the damage their addictive product is causing.

The public is also becoming more aware of the highly dangerous and lucrative drugs trade and political pressure sees the “war on drugs” become more heated than ever.

To protect all that he loves, Franklin must fight to regain control over his business to bring an end to the rising violence before it sparks all-out war.


Is there an episode 11?

  • No, there will not be an episode 11 in Snowfall season 4.

That’s because Snowfall season 4 consists of just 10 chapters in total, the last of which aired on FX on April 21st, 2021.

It’s not surprising that season 4 ended when it did as each instalment of Snowfall dating back to season 1 has featured 10 episodes.

Will Snowfall return for season 5?

  • Yes, it has already been confirmed that Snowfall will return to FX for season 5.

In fact, FX renewed Snowfall for another instalment while season 4 was still airing.

The season 5 announcement came on March 23rd, the day before episode 6 aired on FX.

As season 4 has only just come to an end, there’s no word on a release date for season 5 just yet but usually, we would expect a new season to arrive in roughly a year’s time.

Snowfall season 4 came to an end on FX with episode 10 on April 21st.

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